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Sezze Co., Ltd., headquartered in Riku Market, Nishi-ku, Osaka, was established since 2005. Mainly engaged in household appliances products. The philosophy of this company is Human-centered design concept and style. Over this years, it won the trust of customers in Japan and overseas.

It has good cooperative relations with nearly hundreds of customers in Japan, such as Yamada Electric Ind. Co., the world second large electrical appliance seller. Cainz, Shangxin Electric, Beisia, Amazon, etc., which are among the top in Japan with an amount of over 100 billion yen are all its customers.

Sezze's design concept is people-oriented. All design of each product is detail minded.Focusing on customer convenience. Humanized design makes our products easier to operate. The products are easy to operate and multi-functional. 


​Pay attention

to product details


​Humanized Design


Easy to operate &


Sezze is operated by authorized agent SELL 2 WORLD CO., LTD.

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